Machines - Cartoner

Cartoners are utilized to erect cartons, load product (ex. bottle, tube, leaflet, sachet, etc) inside carton and seal the carton. Semi-automatic cartoners will allow the same operation except the operator must manually load the product inside the carton before the carton is sealed. These semi-automatic cartoners are available in horizontal and vertical applications. Automatic cartoners are typically horizontal applications and will come with an infeed conveyor where the products are loaded before the cartoner automatically pushes them inside the erected carton. Cartoners are available in intermittent and continuous motion depending on the required speed and application. Some systems can also include complete automatic feeding of products to cartoner conveyor (ex. robotic pick & place, leaflet feeder, sachet feeder, bottle indexing screw or starwheel feeder, etc). Cartoners will also be comprised of coding station (embossing, inkjet or laser inside cartoner) or even (inkjet or laser at exit of cartoner) as well as inspection stations by camera to detect lot/expiry code or product presence inside carton.