Our Warranty

Our Warranty

Experts at your service

Our team of highly qualified specialists would be very pleased to help you. Whether you’re in your plant, on the phone, video conferencing, or even directly connected to your equipment via Ethernet, you can always reach us, especially when and where it really counts.

Our one-year warranty

Our one-year warranty on our work says a lot about our confidence in what we do. We ensure your peace of mind with high-quality work, which ensures a long life and maximum efficiency for your refurbished equipment.

Sharing our expertise

By also providing technical assistance and additional training to your operators, our technicians happily share their insights and experience to ensure your independence and long-term performance.

We take pride in collaborating with our customers to find an affordable and sustainable solution. We make every effort during the process to ensure a return on your investment.

Your total satisfaction, guaranteed

In other words, we do everything we can to ensure you’re completely satisfied. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing support as their production capacity within the company evolves.

We believe we have built an enviable reputation with our customers through our integrity and our values.

That’s why we hope you’ll contact PharmaCos Machinery today to learn more about how we can help you meet your packaging needs.