Buy, Sell or Rent

Our passionate team is committed to giving a second life to recycled equipment by carrying out a complete assessment, experienced maintenance, and a thorough cleaning of each part and machine we receive. In fact, it’s this rigorous process that wins us worldwide customers looking for reputable equipment that offers great value.

We take pride in our refurbished machines. A great number of our customers have chosen this option for many reasons, such as an economical green solution, quick delivery, and a significant return on investment.

Do you want to join the trend?

Visit our online catalogue or ask us to help you in finding the equipment that’ll meet your needs at:

Sell your Used Machinery

Reduce your warehousing costs and aging inventory and optimize your warehouse space.

Is your surplus of large machines blocking up your warehouse while inventory continues to build and would like to get a quick amount of money to invest in projects that really interest you?

Send us a list of your out-dated equipment by filling our Form and we’ll quote you a price as well as take care of the transport.

We’re equipped to give a second life to your recyclable equipment.

With one action, you’ll do three good deeds for the environment, your space and your finances!

Rent our equipment

When rental is the answer

Need temporary solutions? Our rental solutions can meet your needs. PharmaCos provides flexible and affordable rental solutions for the short term on numerous machines available to you.

You can’t do without it? Our rental solutions also allow for long-term leases with a purchase option.

Why go for a rental solution? Here are a few examples of projects that could challenge you:

  • Increasing production during your peak season
  • Introducing and testing a new product in the market
  • Opting for a temporary production line while your new equipment is built

Following our usual procedure, we will adjust the equipment to your samples prior to rental, in order to ensure the same quality you get in our sales of new and used equipment.

For more information on our rental solutions, contact us at: